About DWEPP Jamaica

DWEPP Jamaica is a Destination Wedding and Décor Company, we provide exceptional services for both International and Local clients. We don’t only book Weddings and Events we focus on travel, accommodation, Honeymoon and Excursions; We know the best locations and the most appeasing rates. We believe in the ultimate Destination Experience. We take your Thoughts and Dreams then transform them into the most memorable moments; we always excel in partnering with our clients to create the some of their greatest moments. We are passionate about what we do and guarantee a well-executed event every time. Our love for travel, cultures, languages, food and celebration of Love is the driving factors in what makes this company strive in Customer Satisfaction.

Your Dream WEdding

During the planning process we build a strong relationship with you, we listen to your request and ensure that your Wedding or Event is exactly what you hope for or even better. We take our clients’ happiness and aspirations very seriously. We need exactly what you need, a perfect event, hence we work with you right through to the finest detail. Our staff is friendly, responsive and passionate.

How We Work

We provide affordable packages and offer Complimentary Travel Specialist Services. We know that customer satisfaction is the foundation of a successful business. So, we ensure that we provide packages and services that suits the needs of all customers that reaches out to us. 


Once you reach out to us and share your ideas and specifications with us. We will then get back to you within 24 hours to discuss your proposal.



Based on your event specifications we will make suggestions to you an how to enhance your special day as to ensure that day is one to be remembered.



After we have our discusstion and we both come to an agreement the implmetation we will then move the to ecution stage to bring your ideas to life.

Colaboration With


Our partners are part of what makes us successful. We have been working with these companies for some time now and they are truly amazing. You can click the link to learn more about any of our affiliates.