Five ways to lose weight before your Wedding Day


As it gets closer to your Wedding day one of the things you start thinking about is how you will look in your Wedding dress. The answer is Gorgeous. You got engaged just the way you are, that means your fiancé sees the attractive woman you are and he wants to spend the rest of his life with you.

Welcoming a positive lifestyle would help you look more stunning; you will start to have a more radiant skin tone and feel much younger. Being healthy triggers weight loss and if you just want to lose some inches to fit in to that one dress that you have your eyes on or you have a weight goal to reach to go on that Honey moon cruise; here are five ways to lose weight before your wedding day.

1. Calculate

Have you ever said “this is it I am going to get active and lose some weight”, been working out and not losing a thing? This maybe the biggest Factor; not calculating. There are these important things called calories they hide in the food you eat but if you start looking for them you will find them. It is much easier to eat calories than to burn them off.  One pound is equivalent to 3500 calories hence you will need to burn that amount to lose one pound. So let’s do the math; an average person burns 1, 800 calories per day, moderately active burns 2, 000 calories per day and the active 2,200 calories per day. Eating a 1, 300 calorie healthy diet per day for one week for an average person causes the body to use 500 calories from its reserve; for one week that racks up to 3,500 calories. That’s a pound a week and 4 pounds in one month that’s how much you will lose based on calorie deflect alone; amazing right? 

2. Eat healthily

A healthy diet is consuming foods that help to maintain or improve overall health, that’s something to consider living on right? Of course, it’s rich in fruits, whole grain, low in fats and cholesterol. This not only helps you lose weight before your big day; it lowers your risk of chronic diseases. Your weight is actually a balance between the calories you take in and the calories you burn, weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise. So to kick start your weight loss journey start eating foods that is right for you.

3. Drink Water

Our wonderful bodies are 80% of water, we have a survival mechanism to prevent dehydration hence our body retains water when we don’t drink water. Cactus stores water because it can never tell when it will rain again and it needs to stay hydrated to survive, our bodies do the same thing to survive. To lose water weight, simple stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, the body will trust you enough to let out its reserve and the scale will definitely show you the results and so will that tape measure. However you should keep it up, make it a new lifestyle practice; drinking plenty of water flush toxins out of your body you will be glowing on your big day. It also helps you in your calculation and eating healthy, water is 0 calories and you can replace your high calorie drinks with it.

4. Dance                                  

Dancing is a very effective weight loss method, presently you should be in a happy mood; this will be a fun way to shred the pounds. Dancing alone can burn up over 400 calories in just an hour.  Moving more helps to boost the amount of calories you burn and your body now has to dip in that fat savings and pay you off with the energy you need. In fact dancing works out the whole body and aids in giving you a more toned figure. You won’t be doing a countdown and feeling the burn, you will be enjoying the music and before you know it; an hour has passed and you’re dripping in sweat. So as soon as possible get that music playlist ready and dance.

5. Sleep

We need our sleep but with all the jitters and planning for your wedding, that maybe hard to do. You may be wondering how sleep can help you to lose weight; before I tell you let me tell you about the fierce and lovely Grizzly Bear. Grizzlies eat their hearts out with healthy foods then go in hibernation and burn calories, lose weight and wake up looking much smaller. For humans the closest we go to hibernating is sleep; sleeping burns calories, reduces the need to eat late evenings or nights and raises our metabolism. Sleeping also helps you look younger don’t you want to own those shots.

There are many more ways to lose weight before your big day drop a comment below.

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