Top Five Fragrance for Brides to wear on her Wedding Day


As said by Estee Lauder “Perfume is like a new dress, it makes you quite simply marvelous.” The scent that comes from each perfume is unique and having a whiff of that fragrance during a magical moment will cause memories to be locked in. Therefore, there is a high possibility that whenever you smell that same scent it will awaken great memories.

Based on Knowledge gained from years in the Wedding Industry and being a Cognoscenti. I have created a list of five (5) fragrances for Brides to consider on their Wedding Day.

1. Gucci Bloom Eau De Toilet

This perfume spells vibrant and bold, its long lasting and it is perfect for a Wedding. Gucci Bloom is not new in the industry but it’s in high demand ever since it. Just as the name suggests it’s like a strong hug from the garden. The long-lasting effect of this is perfect you will remain smelling great throughout your big day and there is a 100% chance that your guests are going to comment on how great you smell. Click here for a sample size.

2. Good Girl Eau de Toilet by Carolina Herrera

The scent leaves a mark. It smells soft and beautiful with notes of sensual jasmine and seductive tonka bean. A woman wearing Good Girl especially on her Wedding Day is going to smell as beautiful as she looks. It’s the ultimate female fragrance, with a very attractive bottle; it will even make a great addition to your wedding flat lay photographs. Click here for a sample size.

3. Perfect by Mark Jacobs

Perfect for the perfect day wearing the perfect dress. Perfect by Marc Jacobs was designed with the message of being perfect the way you are, with who you are. A Bride that wears this fragrance on her wedding day will smell like confidence. This relatively new fragrance will be here to stay. Click here for a sample size.

4. Prada Paradox Eua de Parfume

This is a match made for the trendy and fashionista Bride. This fragrance has a smooth and lasting scent that always brings out a compliment. Prada Paradox is very floral and feminine, a great addition to your Wedding Day. Click here for a sample size.

5. Coach Dreams Eau de Parfum

Floral, fruity, and long lasting. The coach dream perfume has an orange, pear and gardenia fragrance that comes out on top, and it has a sophisticated smell to it. Applying coach dreams to your wrist, chest and neck will have guests wondering the name of your cologne because it will be a must have. When paired with the lotion it is even more effective. Click here to purchase the Gift Set

We will be featuring the Grooms Top 5 must have fragrances for his Wedding Day soon, but we would love to hear from the brides. What is your Favorite male fragrance?

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